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Tintern’s greatest glory, the superb Gothic church, has stood here for over 700 years welcoming worshippers, wealthy patrons and visitors.

Unfortunately, the building was never meant to survive without its roof or windows and centuries of weathering has resulted in extensive erosion and decay of the soft sandstone masonry.

The church has been closed to the public while essential conservation works are developed to prevent further loss of masonry and make it safe for visitors. To do this we will need to build a very high and heavy scaffold to reach and repair the weathered and crumbling sandstone on the church’s upper walls.

Follow our project timeline as we embark upon one of the most ambitious conservation projects in our history...

Visit Tintern Abbey

29 September 2023

How was the abbey preserved in the past?

Catch up with our Tintern Abbey video series covering the phases of our ambitious conservation project at one of the most important Cistercian abbeys in the UK.

Cadw YouTube

July 2023

Why the abbey needs repair

Listen to our Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Will Davies explaining why we’re carrying out such an ambitious conservation project.


Cadw YouTube

19 June 2023

The dig begins

Find out what we're discovering in the grounds of this medieval monastic gem.

The conservation project

15 June 2023

Press release

Five-year conservation project gets underway at Tintern Abbey.