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We have developed a series of education packs full of activities designed to help deliver aspects of the National Curriculum inspired by Cadw sites, whether that is in the classroom or for use on a visit to one of our monuments.

Click on the links below to download your chosen education resource pack.

Pod's Pilgrimage 

A journey along the north Wales pilgrim's way — a resource for teachers.

Supporting the new Curriculum for Wales.


Key Stage 2 Education Packs

Use with our Medieval Treasure Chest artefacts at some of our castles!

 The Secret Life of Objects resource on Hwb was developed by the Arts and Education Network: South East Wales. It looks at objects as stimulus for creative learning/creative thinking. It may help you to make objects, or features of a site take come to life in a creative way for your students, as they create the stories.

The Prehistoric and Neolithic resources have been designed to introduce pupils to our Neolithic and Prehistoric sites  and support a range of curriculum links including the Curriculum Cymraeg.

The Prehistoric resource details the major prehistoric periods from the Paleolithic Age to the Iron Age, and supports teaching of the Curriculum Cymreig. This resource also provides background information to support visits to prehistoric sites, including the sites in Cadw’s care.

The Neolithic resource details the Neolithic sites that Cadw has in its care and the range of activities that can be undertaken at these sites. This resource is designed to support a range of curriculum links and the Curriculum Cymraeg.


The Castell Coch and Cardiff nineteenth century timeline game has been designed to introduce pupils to the Key Stage 2 history topic of change in the nineteenth century.

The resource supports delivery of the Curriculum Cymreig by focusing on Cardiff and the Taff Valley.

The game offers pupils information about events, people, buildings and transport in the area, throughout the 1800s, which can be used to stimulate discussion of the topic for further investigation as part of a historical enquiry.

The factsheets signpost pupils to places where they can research each area of interest further.


The Age of The Princes includes primary and secondary resources sourced from Wales. They look at Welsh history during this period from a Welsh, British and European perspective, not just the relationship between Wales and England. They are designed to support the new curriculum in Wales, with an emphasis on developing literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills. You can download them free from the Hwb website by following these links:

 Overview: The Age of the Princes

 Evidence: The Age of the Princes

An exciting new online educational resource pack for teachers/children to use in and around Basingwerk Abbey.

The resource pack can be used for self led visits along with teacher notes. Its excellent use of engaging facts and themes can also be linked to the new creative curriculum. The volunteers working on the project created original art work to accompany the resource and at every stage of the project consulted with local schools.

Dylan Thomas 100 Project

An innovative project to create poems and films that commemorate the life of Dylan Thomas.

To commemorate the life of Dylan Thomas, Year 5 and 6 pupils from Ysgol Talacharn, Laugharne, Ysgol Griffith Jones, St Clears, and Ysgol Llys Hywel, Whitland, took part in an imaginative literacy project to create short multimedia films.

The engaging films — which feature photographs, paintings, animation and poetry — can be viewed on Cadw’s YouTube channel.

The aims of the project were to inspire pupils to engage enthusiastically with language, with the castle and their own local history.

The children used Laugharne Castle, Dylan Thomas’s Poem in October and the ‘Birthday Walk’ at Laugharne as sources of inspiration.

Resource pack

To enable other schools to undertake similar work, a learning resource pack consisting of three lessons and supporting materials is available to download below.

Although the resources are based on Laugharne Castle, they can be adapted to develop literacy at any of our sites.