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Live the Legends

Fancy getting up close to a real Welsh Dragon? Well, you’re in luck — Cadw now boasts a Dragon Family, made up of four enormous beasties.

Dragons are fearsome creatures, known for their cunning, their fiery tempers and their fire-breathing nostrils. But did you know that they’re also rather romantic…?

Meet Dewi and Dwynwen — the Cadw Dragons, who are very much in love. They were spotted cwtching at Caernarfon Castle on St David’s Day 2017 and have since brought two Baby Dragons into the world.

The father of the family is Dewi — the black-and-red beast that originally found fame after breaking the banks of Caerphilly Castle in 2016.

The mum is Dwynwen — the beautiful Caernarfon Dragon who gleams with pearlescent purple scales.

And the two babies — Dylan and Cariad — are the offspring of the two Cadw Dragons, known for being adorable but VERY mischievous.

Are you daring enough to brave a cave of real, Welsh Dragons? 

The mystical Dragons’ Lair offers a new home for everyone’s favourite family of Welsh Dragons, allowing visitors to peer inside and experience the beasties’ epic tale, choreographed to a enchanting audio-visual display complete with dramatic lighting, smoke and snarls.

So, are you ready for Wales’s biggest historic adventure? Head to Caerphilly Castle for an unforgettable day of myths, legends and magic.


It took a team of 11 students from the University of South Wales's Computer Animation course three months to create the amazing footage which was made through 3D programming technology. The students designed and completed the dragon's entire body entire body (even its skeleton!) before setting it against the backdrop of four iconic Welsh castles.